Aligner therapy

We live in a digital age and it is therefore only natural that patients should expect the same with regards to their Orthodontic treatment. Advances in Aligner technology have made it possible to predictably move teeth using custom-made orthodontic appliances and sophisticated computer algorithms.

Already at the very first appointment, a three dimensional scan is taken of the teeth using a state of the art digital scanner. This typically takes a few minutes. Patients then have the possibility of immediately viewing a treatment outcome simulation, which shows how the teeth could look after orthodontic treatment.

What are the advantages of Aligners?

Aligners offer several distinct advantages over traditional bracket-type treatment techniques:

  • they are a custom-made appliance:

    This means that they are custom made for that individual patient, following a carefully formulated individualised treatment plan. Each individual tooth is moved with the exact amount of force and at a predetermined rate. This is particularly advantageous in patients with a previous history of underlying gum and bone disease (periodontitis).

  • they are aesthetic:

    As Aligners are transparent, they are a discrete treatment option for patients of all ages.

  • they are hygienic:

    In patients with brackets, oral hygiene must continually stay optimal to prevent plaque accumulating around the brackets and thereby causing decalcification (white or brown areas of weakended enamel) or tooth decay. As Aligners can be removed for tooth brushing and flossing, the risk of tooth decay occuring during treatment is considerably lower. This is particularly advantageous in patients where optimal oral hygiene is not always possible, including special needs patients.

  • they are comfortable:

    The Aligners are made of a BPA-free medical grade smooth plastic, meaning there are no brackets or wires to potentially irritate the lips or cheeks.

  • they are convenient:

    For optimal treatment results within the shortest possible time, Aligners should be worn minimum 22 hours a day, only being removed for eating, drinking and oral hygiene procedures. They may also be removed for short periods to allow for special occasions like a wedding or a job interview, or for playing a musical instrument. Aligners are also ideal for patients who play contact sports requiring a mouth guard, as they can easily be removed when needed.

How do Aligners work?

Treatment consists of a sequence of Aligners that gradually and gently move the teeth into the desired position at a rate of approximately 0,25mm per Aligner. Small tooth coloured dots (“attachments“) are bonded to the teeth to ensure that the Aligners have sufficient grip on the teeth, thereby allowing three-dimensional forces to be exerted on the teeth.

Each Aligner is changed every 7 to 14 days, depending on the treatment plan. Patients are given several sets at a time to take home, meaning that appointments are conveniently spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart. Progress is carefully monitored throughout treatment to ensure that teeth are moving as digitally planned.

Who can be treated using Aligners?

Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to treat the vast majority of cases with Aligners, from simple alignment issues to more complex problems requiring extractions. Both adults and children can benefit from this discreet treatment option!

What are the costs?

Treatment costs will depend on how complex the treatment is and how many Aligners are needed.

Simply book an appointment to find out whether your dream smile can be created using Aligners.

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